Comprehensive IT Overhaul at a Local Church by ABSO Technologies

Case Study: Network Transformation at a Local Church by ABSO Technologies

When ABSO Technologies first arrived at the local church, our technicians encountered a network that had been significantly mismanaged. Congregants struggled with basic tasks such as logging in and printing check-in tickets for children’s church services. The existing network could not support the church’s needs, such as providing guest Wi-Fi access during sermons or maintaining a stable connection for live streaming, which frequently disrupted services. The church’s network setup lacked modern IT standards; it included over 45 unprotected machines with no server, antivirus software, or proper backups, exposing them to potential ransomware and data loss.

ABSO Technologies embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of the church’s IT infrastructure. We installed a robust Wi-Fi network enabling congregants to access internet services, including Bible apps, during services. Security improvements were made by segregating the network, ensuring that the church’s administrative operations were protected from public access. This setup not only enhanced security but also optimized bandwidth through internet bursting, essential for high-demand periods.

Our team configured the network with a proper domain structure, enabling efficient file sharing across secure directories. Crucial backups were implemented, safeguarding important documents and multimedia content, such as the children’s ministry materials that were at risk due to previously inadequate backup solutions.

Through our initiative, the church benefited from substantial cost savings by registering with TechSoup, reducing their software expenses dramatically—from Microsoft licenses costing $12 per account to just $1. Additionally, the implementation of the Teleconnects fund halved their expenses for internet and phone services.

To further secure the network, we installed comprehensive antivirus and ransomware protection, coupled with dual authentication systems for both email and network access. The installation of TeamViewer facilitated remote support and enhanced network accessibility for the pastoral staff, who often needed to connect remotely while traveling.

This transformation culminated in a network that not only met but exceeded the church’s operational needs and security standards. The pastoral team and congregants expressed profound appreciation for the changes, noting significant improvements in both functionality and peace of mind.

The head pastor at the church stated, “We have never had a group come in and completely change everything and make it better for us. They listened, and we couldn’t be happier. Praise God they came into our lives.”