Ransomware concept - Computer Keyboard with red RANSOMWARE and lit bomb. Hacked virus cyber attack

If you’re not prepared for Ransomware, you’ll be negotiating and paying big to get your precious files unlocked…

At ABSO Technologies, were deploy state of the art defense systems to keep the likelyhood of ransomware from destroying your business. In this interesting article from Fortune magazine learn why ransomware is on the rise and why you need a company like ABSO as a trusted security partner….


Kurtis Minder has some advice about how to negotiate with criminals who extort millions of dollars by crippling companies’ computer systems and stealing their data: Don’t call them “bad guys.”

“The bad guys know they are bad guys—they are trying to pretend to be businesspeople,” says Minder, who, as CEO of cyber-intelligence specialist GroupSense, has negotiated on behalf of at least two dozen organizations targeted with so-called ransomware. “As long as you pretend with them that this is just a normal business transaction, it goes better.”


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