Remarkable Transformation of a Struggling Construction Firm’s Network

ABSO Technologies’ Remarkable Transformation of a Struggling Construction Company’s Network

When ABSO Technologies stepped into a poorly managed construction company’s network, chaos reigned. The situation was dire: their network had fallen victim to a ransomware attack on a Friday, leaving them in a paralyzed state, and by Monday morning, they needed to be operational. Not only were they unable to access critical data, but their outdated phone system was malfunctioning, their internet connection was a sluggish T1 line, and their servers were crashing due to age.

Upon our arrival, we immediately assessed the situation. The phone system was antiquated and incapable of proper function, while the internet connection was inadequate for modern business needs. The ransomware attack had wreaked havoc on their systems, compounded by an outdated Sage software version and reliance on an on-premises Exchange server. The company was at a standstill, facing the prospect of being unable to operate on Monday.

ABSO Technologies swiftly mobilized. Our first task was to mitigate the damage from the ransomware attack. Thankfully, our seasoned tech director, Scott, managed to retrieve data from shadow copies as the backup system had failed for the past six months. We then embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of their network infrastructure.

A new server was deployed, along with a domain controller and file server, all upgraded to the latest versions. We introduced a remote terminal server using VMware technology, alongside new desktop setups. As part of our commitment to client satisfaction, ABSO Technologies ensured on-site server availability, facilitating the implementation of the new system over the weekend.

With data recovered and infrastructure stabilized, we proceeded to update all client software, including Sage and AutoCAD, to their latest versions. Email migration to the cloud via Office 365 was executed seamlessly, consolidating disparate email providers and bolstering security with dual authentication. Furthermore, a robust ransomware protection system and advanced antivirus software were integrated into the network.

Throughout the process, ABSO Technologies prioritized minimal downtime, often working during off-hours and weekends to minimize disruption. The implementation of a secure remote access solution via TeamViewer enabled employees to work from home effectively. Additionally, a modern phone system was introduced, featuring call grouping, voicemail, and mobile app integration, enhancing communication efficiency.

The results were transformative. Despite initial fears of data loss and business closure, the construction company emerged stronger than ever.

The controller at the office expressed his gratitude, acknowledging ABSO Technologies’ pivotal role in their revival. With a revitalized network infrastructure and enhanced capabilities, the company was equipped to tackle future challenges with confidence.

ABSO Technologies’ intervention not only resolved immediate crises but also positioned the construction company for long-term success. Through meticulous planning, swift execution, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we turned a potential disaster into a triumph, earning the heartfelt appreciation of our clients.